Greek Organizations

By tapping into Excalibur’s advanced analytics and multi-channel capabilities, a large national fraternity was able to significantly improve donor acquisition, reactivation, and ROI.


Traditional direct mail acquisition appeals had low conversion rates and poor ROI.

The Connect 370™ Solution

Excalibur utilized predictive MicroModeling® to analyze the Foundation’s database of alumni donors and non-donors. This allowed them to build a targeted list of the prospective donors most likely to convert based on demographics, behaviors, and other factors. The multi-channel Connect 370™ campaign then executed a coordinated outreach strategy to saturate these prime prospects across multiple channels.

Key Differentiators

  • Advanced predictive modeling to identify top donor prospects
  • Highly personalized, multi-channel messaging
  • Coordinated deployment across direct mail, email, social, Google ads
  • Campaign tracking and reporting dashboard


Compared to the Foundation’s previous acquisition efforts, the data-driven, multi-channel Connect 370™ approach delivered dramatically higher performance.

  • 17 impressions per targeted household (vs 1 previously)
  • 3.93% engagement rate (vs 1% previously)
  • 530 high-quality leads identified
  • 1,046,364 total ads displayed
  • Converted new first-time donors
  • Re-engaged lapsed donors to give yearly