Variable Data Programming Form


Please complete this form to specify the variable fields for your marketing mailing project. Our team will use this information to set up the art files. Ensure that you use the exact 'header name' that will be provided in your data file. If you are unsure of 'header names', we can review and confirm with you once the final data is provided.

Note: We can fill out this form on your behalf, but we'll need you to verify its correctness before proceeding.

For each variable field:

  1. Enter the Variable Field Name
  2. Select or add the Mail Pieces that will use this variable
  3. Specify the Maximum Number of Characters in your data for this field
  4. Provide the exact Column Header Name as it appears in your data file
  5. Add any Special Notes for setup if needed

Use the "Add Row" button to include additional variable fields as needed.

Field Descriptions
  • Variable Field Name: The name of the variable field (e.g., First Name, Last Name, Address)
  • Mail Pieces: Select or add the components that will use this variable field (e.g., Outer Envelope, Letter, Reply Form)
  • Max Characters: The maximum number of characters in the provided data for this field. Variables exceeding this limit may cause issues with postal regulations or component spacing.
  • Data File Header Name: The exact column header name for this field in your provided data file
  • Special Notes: Any additional instructions or information for setting up this variable field
Project Information
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Variable Fields

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