By leveraging Excalibur’s advanced analytics and saturated multi-channel strategy, a nationally known university was able to maximize turnout and engagement for a prestigious gallery opening.


The university needed to effectively promote the opening of an exhibit of of student-acquired contemporary art to drive attendance from high-value alumni and donors in the local area. More traditional methods of phone calls and a single direct mail event invitation had low conversion rates and poor ROI.

The Engage370™ Solution

Excalibur utilized predictive MicroModeling® to analyze the university’s existing engaged alumni database. This allowed them to build a highly targeted prospect list of households most likely to attend the gallery opening. This modeled list was paired with lists for households that had arts/culture interests. The multi-channel Engage370™ campaign then blanketed these prime prospects across multiple channels.

Key Differentiators

  • Advanced MicroModeling to identify best prospects
  • Coordinated, personalized multi-channel deployment
  • Digital channels like social, Google ads, email amplified reach


Compared to the university’s previous phone and direct mail efforts, the data-driven, multi-channel Engage370™ approach delivered dramatically elevated performance.

  • 26.5 impressions per targeted household (vs 1 previously)
  • 7.54% engagement rate (vs 1-2% previously)
  • 94 high-quality leads identified
  • 139,758 total ads displayed
  • Converted 265 attendees to opening (vs 50-100 expected)
  • Each attendee cultivated as a potential high-value donor