Does your mailing contain a QR code? Where does it lead? Almost always, the destination is a giving page.

We can do better. First, let’s take a step back…

QR codes were created in 1994. They slowly became popular, then ubiquitous, only to virtually disappear. What happened?

Mostly two things. First, in order to scan them, an app had to be located, then downloaded to one’s phone. “I don’t know how”, and “not worth the trouble” came the refrain from too many people over a certain age.

Second, marketers lacked the creativity and imagination to engage an audience through their use. QR codes lost their “coolness” factor and simply became boring.

Usage grew dramatically about three years ago. What happened?
Mostly three things. First, smartphones now contained native QR code scanning capability. Boomers cheered!

Second, COVID-19 arrived. When venturing back into restaurants, we found missing menus, now viewed via a QR code. This is still true at one of my favorite restaurants.

Third, marketers got creative.

Remember the Coinbase ad shown during the most recent Superbowl? It was simply a QR code, changing color and bouncing around the walls inside a rectangle. It led to a sweepstakes—register and receive $15 worth of free Bitcoin and a chance to win $3 million. The response crashed the Coinbase website.
A recent mailing by Disney contained a QR code that led to a 3D tour of their newest cruise ship. How much easier to sell me a cruise if I have first experienced your ship. Brilliant!

Members of your audience attending events are more engaged and tend to be better donors. Not all can attend, so take them there with a QR code linked to the event. A QR code can link to a video showing the winning shot in the last three seconds of the game, the keynote at an alumni event, a tour of the national headquarters of a greek organization. What about your organization might a donor want to experience?

Take them there. Use QR codes to help your donors experience your mission, rather than simply asking for a donation. Help them become more engaged, and watch the donations follow.

While the example I am sharing below is actually consumer based . . . . it shows just how far you can take this technology if budget permits!

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