Business to Consumer

By leveraging Excalibur’s data-driven, multi-channel approach, a national day care was able to dramatically increase customer acquisition and ROI compared to traditional direct mail only mass marketing methods.


The client was struggling with mass marketing outreach that was not effectively reaching prospective new families in its target areas. Their traditional direct mail campaigns had low conversion rates and poor ROI.

The Engage370™ Solution

Excalibur’s Connect 370™ approach utilized advanced data analytics to build a highly targeted list of prospect households through MicroModeling®. This predictive model analyzed demographics, behaviors, and other key factors to identify the households most likely to enroll in the daycare centers. The multi-channel Connect 370™ campaign then executed a coordinated outreach touching these prime prospects over 24 times on average.

Key Differentiators

  • Personalized direct mail postcards with photos and details customized for each prospect
  • Three timed email deployments
  • Targeted social media ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Google ads retargeting website visitors
  • Live campaign reporting and lead tracking dashboard
  • Advanced data modeling to pinpoint ideal prospects
  • Highly personalized, multi-channel outreach
  • Coordinated messaging and retargeting across channels
  • Campaign reporting and optimization


The Connect 370™ campaign dramatically outperformed the client’s previous direct mail efforts.

  • 24.4 impressions per targeted household (vs 1 previously)
  • 9.19% engagement rate (vs 1-2% previously)
  • 1,307 high-quality leads identified
  • 228,497 total ads displayed
  • Converted 30 new enrolled families (vs 3 previously)
  • Each new enrollee worth $10,000 – $15,000 per year in revenue